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Trophy 900 (1993-1995)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Complete carrier set (side- and topcase carrier) black for Triumph Trophy 900/1200 (1992-1996)
Our Hepco&Becker Complete Carrier Set in black for the Triumph Trophy 900/1200 (1992-1996) is the perfect solution if you want to expand your touring capabilities. This set allows you to securely attach side cases and a top case to your motorcycle, enabling you to carry more luggage and gear for your adventures. This set consists of two main components: the double-sided side case carriers and the tube luggage rack, which also serves as a top case carrier. Both parts are elegantly designed in black and not only provide additional storage space but also give your motorcycle a modern look. The side case carriers are firmly bolted to your motorcycle's frame, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. They have been specifically designed for the Triumph Trophy 900/1200 (1992-1996) and fit perfectly with this model. Nearly all Hepco&Becker side cases can be mounted on these carriers, offering you a wide range of options for storage. The side cases are securely locked to the carrier using a locking mechanism. The lock adapters required for this are included in the side case package. These adapters are fastened to the right and left side case carrier and provide the receptacle for the case locking mechanism. The tube luggage rack, which is also part of this set, functions as a top case carrier. Here, you can mount almost all top cases from our range. It slides onto the tube luggage rack and is locked securely with a metal locking mechanism to ensure that your top case is firmly and theft-proof attached during your ride. Our carrier systems are made from high-quality steel tubing and bear the MADE IN GERMANY quality seal. This guarantees not only maximum strength and safety but also a long service life. The surface coating protects against corrosion and gives the carrier set an appealing look. In addition to the practical advantages of this carrier set, installation is straightforward and is done using the included mounting materials and a detailed manual. Please note that the tube diameter of the carriers is 16 mm. Another advantage of this Hepco&Becker carrier set is that it does not require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration. This means that you do not have to deal with bureaucratic paperwork to use this carrier set. However, it is important to note that there may be restrictions for certain Hepco&Becker side cases and top cases, which are listed in the model-specific instructions or the installation manual. With our Hepco&Becker Complete Carrier Set, you can take your motorcycle adventures to a new level by carrying more luggage and gear while enhancing the aesthetics of your motorcycle.

Topcase carrier tube-type black for Triumph Trophy 900/1200 (1992-1996)
Our black Tube Luggage Rack Topcase Carrier is the perfect solution for securely mounting a Hepco&Becker top case to your motorcycle. This high-quality luggage rack has been specifically designed for the Triumph Trophy 900/1200 (1992-1996), providing the highest quality and safety for your touring needs. This luggage rack is tailored to fit most Hepco&Becker top cases perfectly. It accommodates not only new top cases but also older models from Hepco&Becker, as the basic attachment has remained unchanged. However, please note that Hepco&Becker Orbit top cases and top cases with a universal plate are not compatible with this luggage rack. Our carriers are model-specific and only fit the motorcycles listed in the installation instructions. This ensures a perfect fit for your motorcycle, providing maximum strength and security. They are made from high-quality German steel and feature a premium coating. With proper care, the look remains preserved over the long term. The tube luggage rack also offers the option to securely fasten soft luggage if you need additional storage space. Its versatility allows you to customize it to your travel needs. If space is insufficient, you can combine the luggage rack with the Hepco&Becker Universal Luggage Rack Widener to create more room. It is recommended to limit the payload to 5 kg. Please observe the model-specific notes provided by the carrier and the manufacturer's specifications. Heavy luggage should generally be transported in the side cases or tank bag, rather than the top case. This tube luggage rack can typically be combined with side case carriers or C-Bow holders without issues. However, please follow the installation instructions to ensure proper assembly. The delivery includes all the necessary mounting materials and an instruction manual to simplify installation. Furthermore, our luggage racks come equipped with a metal locking mechanism to securely fasten the top case to the luggage rack. Another advantage of our luggage racks is that they usually do not require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration. You can use them without additional bureaucratic steps. With our Hepco&Becker Tube Luggage Rack Topcase Carrier, you can optimally equip your motorcycle for your upcoming tours and benefit from the highest quality and functionality.

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