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Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike.
Matching luggage or other accessories are listed within each carrier.
Pillion footrest lowering kit for Royal Enfield Interceptor (2018-)
Pillion footrest lowering kit for your Royal Enfield Interceptor (2018-)

Tankbag Daypack small
Our "Daypack small" tank bag is part of the new series by Hepco & Becker and offers a tried-and-true classic magnetic tank attachment. This tank bag is the optimal choice for motorcyclists in search of a compact yet spacious companion for their two-wheeled adventures. What sets this tank bag apart is the fact that, unlike the other models in the Street tank bag series, it doesn't require a special tank ring. Instead, it attaches via a reliable magnet that securely adheres to your motorcycle tank. This makes installation easy and straightforward. Please note, however, that this attachment method is exclusively suitable for motorcycles with metal tanks. The tank bag is crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, which is additionally water-repellent coated to protect your belongings from moisture. Included with it is a practical rain cover and a shoulder carrying strap, offering you added flexibility in adverse weather conditions and during transportation. The all-around zipper allows you to easily expand the bag's volume when you need more storage space. This ensures you have ample room for your gear, whether on short trips or longer journeys. Further conveniences of the "Daypack small" include the carrying handle and luggage hooks, making the use of this tank bag even more comfortable. You can keep important items readily accessible and secure while on the road. With the "Daypack small," you've found the ideal balance between compactness and functionality. This tank bag is perfect for making your motorcycle rides a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Topcase carrier tube-type black for Royal Royal Enfield Interceptor (2018-) / Continental 650 / GT 650 (2019-)
The Royal Enfield Interceptor (model years 2018 and later) as well as the Continental 650 and GT 650 models (model years 2019 and later) receive a proven and high-quality luggage solution with the black tube luggage rack featuring an integrated top case carrier from Hepco&Becker. Hepco&Becker luggage racks are specifically designed for a variety of our top cases, allowing seamless mounting of both new and older models. The basic attachment remains unchanged, ensuring flexible usage. Please note that the Hepco&Becker Orbit top case and top cases with universal plate are not compatible. This model-specific luggage solution precisely fits the mentioned motorcycle according to the installation instructions. The construction made from high-quality German quality steel ensures stability and high safety. The black coating not only provides the luggage rack with an appealing look but also preserves it long-term with proper care. If needed, you can securely fasten soft luggage, making the tube luggage rack extremely versatile. If the available storage space is insufficient, the tube luggage rack offers the option of expansion through combination with the Hepco&Becker universal luggage rack widening kit. The recommended maximum load is the top case as well as approximately 5 kg of additional load. Please observe the model-specific information provided by the motorcycle manufacturer and the notes in the installation instructions or on the product page. The black tube luggage rack from Hepco&Becker can generally be combined with side case carriers or C-Bow holders without issues. Please refer to the installation instructions and model-specific information for guidance. The luggage rack generally doesn't require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration and comes with the necessary mounting materials and clear instructions.

C-Bow sidecarrier black for Royal Enfield Interceptor (2018-) / Continental 650 / GT 650 (2019-)
Elevate your Royal Enfield Interceptor or Continental 650 / GT 650 (from 2018) with Hepco&Becker's black C-Bow side carriers, offering an elegant and practical transportation solution. These model-specific carriers allow for the easy attachment of Hepco&Becker side bags, leather bags, or cases with C-Bow mounts to your motorcycle. The discreet and appealing design of the carriers seamlessly integrates with the lines of your motorcycle. The bags are securely and theft-proof attached to the C-Bow carriers with just one click and remain in position even when loaded. Typically, the turn signals retain their original positions. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why an adequate distance between the bags and the hot exhaust is guaranteed. Please consult the provided installation manual and model-specific guidelines for details. The high-quality coating of the carriers ensures long-lasting durability. However, please note that conventional Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with the C-Bow carriers. Similarly, Krauser K-Wing cases are not compatible with these carriers. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg per bag. Please follow the installation manual, model-specific guidelines, and the manufacturer's specifications. In most cases, the C-Bow side carriers can be easily combined with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. Pay attention to the installation instructions or model-specific guidelines. It's important to know that luggage bridge extensions may affect the bag attachment to the carrier. The good news is that the carriers do not require ABE (General Operating Permit) or registration in your vehicle papers.

C-Bow sidecarrier for Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (2021-)
The black C-Bow side carriers for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 from 2021 onwards are sturdy luggage carriers specifically designed to attach Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases to your motorcycle. These carriers feature a high-quality black surface finish. Please note that standard Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with these carriers. Likewise, Krauser K-Wing cases are not intended for use with the C-Bow carrier. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg per bag or case. It's important to follow the installation manual, model-specific guidelines, and the manufacturer's recommendations to consider any possible restrictions. In most cases, these carriers can be easily combined with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. However, please follow the installation manual or model-specific guidelines for each carrier. Luggage rack extensions may affect the attachment of the bags to the carrier. It's important to know that these carriers do not require a General Operating Permit (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis or ABE) or registration in the vehicle papers. The carriers are specifically designed for the stock condition of your machine. However, please note that they have not been tested with accessories such as exhausts, license plate holders, or other turn signals. Ensure that the bags have sufficient clearance from the exhaust, and that the turn signals have an adequate light emission angle. The exhaust stream should not be directed toward the bags.