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KLR 650 US Modell (2008-)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Engine protection bar black for Kawasaki KLR 650 Export-Modell (2008-)
The black engine guard bars for the Kawasaki KLR 650 Export model (2008-) by Hepco&Becker are a reliable choice, whether you're predominantly off-road, on the road, or in the city. They ensure effective protection for your motorcycle against unexpected incidents at all times. In the event of a fall or unwanted ground contact, they protect the motorcycle and the rider from significant damage. Hepco&Becker's guard bars perfectly trace the lines of your machine, giving your motorcycle an individualized character. Crafted from an extremely sturdy tube-in-tube construction, partly with integrated crash pads in newer models. Various surface finishes are available depending on the vehicle model. These bars shield against falls, aid in securing the motorcycle, and feature high-quality metal coating. The robust construction is MADE IN GERMANY at our factory in Pirmasens. A comprehensive and easily understandable installation manual, along with right and left mounting materials, are included. Please refer to the supplied installation manual or vehicle-specific guidelines for any potential restrictions or notes. No ABE or registration is required. We offer special conditions for official driving schools. Please contact our customer service at Tel: (+49) 0 6331 / 1453 - 222.

Topcase carrier tube-type black for Kawasaki KLR 650 Export-Modell (2008-)
Get your Kawasaki KLR 650 Export Model (2008-) ready for adventures without boundaries! With our high-quality black tubular luggage rack and top case carrier from Hepco&Becker, you're not only prepared for the highest quality but also unmatched versatility. Our Hepco&Becker luggage racks are proven carriers for top cases and offer the highest quality. They are specifically designed for almost all of our top cases. And it's not just the latest models that fit – older Hepco&Becker models can be effortlessly mounted as well. The basic attachment remains unchanged. Please note that the tubular luggage rack is not compatible with the Hepco&Becker Orbit top case or top cases with a universal plate. Our carriers are model-specific and fit only the listed motorcycle as per the installation instructions. Thanks to the construction made of German quality steel, Hepco&Becker luggage racks ensure maximum strength and the highest level of safety. The high-quality coating ensures that the look remains pristine in the long term, especially with proper care. The tubular luggage rack offers various options for securely fastening soft luggage when needed. If space is insufficient, the bridge can easily be combined with the Hepco&Becker universal luggage rack extension. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg, but please pay attention to the model-specific instructions for the respective carrier and the motorcycle manufacturer's information. Heavy luggage should generally not be transported in the top case but in the side cases or tank bag. The tubular luggage rack can usually be combined with side case carriers or C-Bow brackets without issues – please refer to the installation instructions. Included in the package is the installation material and a detailed guide. And of course, MADE IN GERMANY! Attaching the top case to the tubular luggage rack is straightforward, and it is securely locked to the carrier with a metal locking mechanism. You don't need to worry about ABE (General Operating Permit) or registrations, as luggage carriers generally do not require ABE or registrations. Get ready to explore the world and make your Kawasaki KLR 650 Export Model (2008-) a true adventure companion with the Hepco&Becker tubular luggage rack and top case carrier. Your luggage is in the best hands.

Sidecarrier Lock-it black for Kawasaki KLR 650 Export-Modell (2008-)
Get your Kawasaki KLR 650 Export Model (2008-) ready for boundless adventures and add extra versatility with the Hepco&Becker Lock-it side case carrier. This carrier, made from German steel tube and custom-made laser parts, reinforced at particularly stressed areas, offers the perfect combination of stability and flexibility. What sets this carrier system apart is its effortless installation and removal. With just a quarter turn of the Lock-it screws, the side case carriers can be attached and detached in a matter of seconds. You can simply remove the side parts to the rear or to the side. For added theft protection, you can optionally use our lockable Lock-it screws to thwart any would-be thieves. The security of your cases is ensured as they are locked onto the carrier with a locking mechanism. You will need the lock adapters, which are generally included in the case set. These adapters are fastened to the right and left sides of the carrier, providing a secure attachment point for the case locking mechanisms. Our sturdy construction is MADE IN GERMANY, ensuring long-lasting reliability. After removal, only inconspicuous small tabs remain on the motorcycle. The high-quality surface finish gives the carrier an appealing look that complements the aesthetics of your bike perfectly. Installation is usually straightforward, and you can find detailed instructions in the included installation manual. The package includes carriers for the right and left sides, along with the necessary installation materials and a comprehensive installation manual. Any potential restrictions can be found in the vehicle-specific guidelines or the installation manual. This carrier is compatible with most Hepco&Becker hard-shell side cases. Please note model-specific guidelines for the best fit. Luggage systems generally do not require ABE (German type approval) or registrations, making their use even more straightforward. With a tube diameter of 16 mm, this carrier is ready to support your adventures and provide additional storage space. Prepare your Kawasaki KLR 650 Export Model (2008-) for the upcoming adventures and give it the flexibility you need. With the Hepco&Becker Lock-it side case carrier, the possibilities are wide open.

Engine protection plate aluminium for Kawasaki KLR 650 Export-Modell (2008-)
solid aluminium skid plate MADE IN GERMANYincl. manual3-4mm thick aluminium platebike specific developmentprecisely manufactured, adapted to fit the engine and exhaust system of each specific bikeplease also check manual or bike specific info, if you want to know compatibility with original or other accessoriesThe aluminum engine protection plate for the Kawasaki KLR 650 export model (2008-) is a high-quality accessory from Hepco & Becker that protects your engine from stone chips, dirt, and other obstacles. This engine protection plate, specifically designed for your motorcycle model, offers a robust and reliable protection solution. Made from high-quality aluminum, the engine protection plate ensures high resistance and durability. It was specifically designed for the export model of the Kawasaki KLR 650 and perfectly conforms to the shape of your motorcycle. The engine protection plate allows for easy installation and provides effective protection for your engine and other sensitive parts against potential damages that may occur during your rides. Included in the package is a mounting kit with all necessary fasteners and an easy-to-follow instruction to ensure a trouble-free installation. With the aluminum engine protection plate for the Kawasaki KLR 650 export model (2008-) from Hepco & Becker, you can explore with peace of mind and full confidence in the durability of your motorcycle.

Center Stand for Kawasaki KLR 650 Export-Modell (2008-)
Steady. Stable. Easy to work. The HEPCO&BECKER center stands are extremely rugged and don't get in the way of your riding. The tension springs are made of stainless steel. Sophisticated geometry and anti-skid tread make it easy to stand your motorcylcle securely in any situation. The precisely manufactured stands are very stable, sandblasted, black powder coated and hold their value. Naturally, the're approved for the street. Center stands make maintainance easier and keep the bike stable, during fill-ups, for example. During winter storage, they take a load off the rear wheel.does mostly not limit bankingpricise manufacturingeasy assemblyQuality German steel tubingAccessories available: Special tool for fitting the spring more easily. part no: 700030Please also check manual for more info

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