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1090 Adventure R (2017-)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Tankguard orange for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
HEPCO&BECKER's tank protection bars for the KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-) are specifically designed to complement the original engine protection bars. They precisely follow your motorcycle's lines, giving it a distinctive touch. Alongside the engine protection bars, they provide reliable protection for you and your motorcycle in case of a fall or unexpected ground contact, preventing major damages. A wise investment to avoid costly repairs after unforeseen incidents. The material optimally absorbs impact forces. After a fall, we recommend replacing the bars as invisible damages could compromise their protective capabilities. Don't worry, you can easily order individual parts or sides via email from us. These bars offer reliable protection for the tank, side fairings, and the front. The high-quality surface finish not only ensures an appealing look but also makes them extremely useful when securing your motorcycle. Made in Germany, they represent stable quality and precise craftsmanship. Please note that these engine protection bars don't require ABE certification and don't need to be registered. Just refer to the attached installation manual and the model-specific notes for potential limitations.

Tankring Lock-it incl. fastener for tankbag for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
The innovative Lock-it tank bag attachment - Fidlock patentedThis solid tank ring allows you to attach a tank bag from Hepco&Becker.The scope of delivery includes a Lock-it tank ring, as well as the counter holder, which can be individually screwed to the tank bag, depending on the shape of the tank and the steering angle.The tank cap can still be opened with the tank ring mounted without any problems.In general, all you need is this tank ring and a tank bag from H&B and you have everything you need.Each model-specific tank ring is stored in the "My Bike" database for the respective motorcycle model. If no tank ring is stored, you can also use the checklist here in the shop to manually select whether a universal tank ring is available for the desired model. (See Main Menu -> Tank Rings Lock-it)CHARACTERISTICS:Absolutely secure hold, even at high speedsmechanical/magnetic lockingEasy handlingThe tank bag is simply put on and, thanks to the magnets, locks itself with an audible clickUnlocking: The mechanism is unlocked by a lashing strap in the direction of travel at the front of the tank bag; the tank bag is simply removedSimple but effective mechanicsFidlock patentedShielded magnetic field, safe for credit cards and electronic devicesRecommended maximum speed with the tank bag installed: 130 km/h (Please note the motorcycle manufacturer's information, as well as the model-specific information on the instructions or here with the productRecommended load in the tank bag: approx. 3kgIn Germany, tank bag systems do not require an ABE or entry in the papers.Difference between Lock-it and BASIC tank rings:The general function and operation remains the same. Compared to the Lock-it tank ring, however, the Basic tank ring only locks mechanically. The magnets of the Lock-it tank ring help with centering. The difference lies purely in the two magnet or plastic domes, which are screwed onto the tank ring. The actual model-specific "metal ring" is the same for both versions.A notice:A tank bag with a Lock-it holder cannot be placed on a BASIC tank ring and vice versa. Tank bag holder and tank ring must be from the same system.

Sidecarrier Lock-it black symmetric for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
f you own a KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-), then the Hepco&Becker Lock-it side case carrier in sleek black is the perfect choice for you! Our side case carriers are made from German steel tubing and custom laser-cut parts that are further reinforced at high-stress points. What sets these carriers apart is their quick and easy attachment and removal. You simply need to loosen the attached Lock-it screws by a quarter turn, and you can then remove the side panels to the rear or to the side. For added theft protection, we offer optional lockable Lock-it screws to thwart any would-be thieves. All cases are secured to the carrier using a locking mechanism located on the case itself. To do this, you'll need the lock adapters, which are typically included in the case's packaging. These lock adapters are fastened to the carrier on the right and left sides, providing a secure attachment point for the case locking mechanisms. Our sturdy carriers are MADE IN GERMANY and feature a high-quality surface finish. Installation is typically straightforward, but please refer to the included installation manual for guidance. Included in the package are the right and left carriers, along with the necessary mounting materials and installation manual. Please consult vehicle-specific guidelines or the installation manual to ensure compatibility with your motorcycle model. The Hepco&Becker Lock-it side case carrier is compatible with most Hepco&Becker hard-shell side cases (please refer to model-specific guidelines). The best part? Luggage systems generally do not require ABE certification or registration, and the tube diameter is 16 mm.

Sidecarrier Lock-it black asymmetric for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
Elevate your KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-) with the captivating asymmetrical Lock-it side case carrier in deep black from Hepco&Becker. This side case carrier epitomizes German craftsmanship, constructed from high-quality steel tubing reinforced with custom laser-cut parts at stress points. Installing this carrier is a breeze. The specially designed Lock-it screws can be loosened with a quarter-turn, allowing the side case carriers to be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. Additional security is provided by the option to protect the carriers from unwanted access with lockable Lock-it screws. The cases are secured to the carrier with a holding lock. The matching lock adapters, typically included with the cases, are attached to the carrier on the right and left sides, providing a stable attachment point for the case holding locks. This sturdy "Made in Germany" construction has been finished with a high-quality surface treatment, seamlessly blending with the appearance of your motorcycle. After installation, only discreet tabs remain, adding a touch of elegance to the overall look. The easy installation is supported by the included mounting instructions. The package includes carriers for the right and left sides, as well as the necessary mounting material. This side case carrier is compatible with most Hepco&Becker hard-shell side cases. Please refer to model-specific guidelines to ensure it perfectly fits your motorcycle. Discover the freedom of the road with a reliable and stylish companion. The Hepco&Becker Lock-it side case carrier is more than just a luggage system – it's a statement of adventure and quality.

Easyrack topcasecarrier black for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
The Easyrack Topcaseträger in black has been specifically designed to seamlessly fit the KTM 1090 Adventure R from the year 2017 onwards. This carrier system allows for effortless combination with the original luggage rack of your motorcycle. The top case carrier consists of a high-quality model-specific mounting kit and an adapter plate for the attachment of Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage (not suitable for top cases with a universal plastic plate). The base construction of the carrier comprises a sturdy aluminum carrier plate, which, in combination with a robust steel base structure, provides high strength and an appealing appearance. Additional attachment points are integrated into the design of the rack to securely fasten luggage using straps, for example, to secure luggage rolls. Included in the delivery are the model-specific Easyrack top case carrier, the mounting kit, and a detailed installation guide. Additional adapters for top case attachment are not required. The high-quality surface coating gives the carrier an appealing look. The carrier is equipped with a foldable bracket for top case attachment, which can be folded down when not in use. The Easyrack top case carrier does not require an ABE or registration. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg. Please consider the model-specific information, the installation guide, and the manufacturer's specifications. Heavy items of luggage should generally not be carried in the top case but rather in the side cases or a tank bag. The recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h. Please note that the Easyrack Topcaseträger system is designed for the motorcycle's original condition and has not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or turn signals.

Headlight grill for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
Our black headlight guard for the KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-) not only provides reliable protection for your headlight but also adds a rugged off-road look to your motorcycle. Specifically designed for the KTM 1090 Adventure R, this headlight guard perfectly complements your bike's design. The headlight guard effectively shields your headlight from stone impacts, dirt, and other external elements that may occur during your rides. At the same time, it adds a unique touch to your KTM 1090 Adventure R and emphasizes its readiness for adventure. Installation is easy, as the headlight guard attaches to the existing mounting points on your motorcycle. Crafted from high-quality steel, it features a durable black coating that protects against corrosion and ensures a long-lasting lifespan. Please note that this headlight guard is supplied without TÜV approval. Make sure to use it in accordance with local regulations and laws.

Modelspecific rear enlargement for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
high quality german aluminium productionpremium lookfastening options for luggage strapseasy assemblymodel specific version (Universal version also available part no: 610053)dimensions: approx: 390x230 mm or see picture with measurements if availableThe black luggage rack extension is specifically designed for the KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-). With this sturdy aluminum plate, the luggage capacity of the motorcycle can be expanded to securely carry larger luggage items on the luggage rack. The luggage rack extension features a high-quality aluminum construction, providing both strength and an appealing appearance. The raised edges and additional mounting points ensure secure fixation of the luggage, allowing for easy transportation of larger luggage rolls, travel bags, tents, duffel bags, and more. Installation is straightforward, and the luggage rack extension comes with all necessary mounting materials and a user-friendly manual. It is recommended to pay attention to the model-specific guidelines and the manufacturer's load capacity recommendations to maintain the safety and stability of the motorcycle. The luggage rack extension is not suitable for mounting top cases and is intended to enhance the flexibility of carrying luggage on the KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-).

Sidecarrier Cutout stainless steel incl. Xplorer sideboxes silver for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
set of sidecarrier right/left made out of stainless steel in combination with special Xplorer Cutout boxes Features Xplorer Cutout: recessed 37 ltr. Suitcase on the muffler side 40 ltr. Case on the other side high-impact plastic and anodized aluminum sheets in the composite incl. keys and cylinders absolutely watertight wide range of accessories available Delivery: Left / Right + locks and keys Features sidecarrier stainless steel:  Adventure-compatible, weather resistant and firmly bolted sidecarrier made out of stainless steel blasted and electro-polished surface finish through the opening, the width is reduced significantly to only about one meter Delivery: Left / Right + Mounting material + manual Cutout case Xplorer 37 silver or blackWeight: 4.6 kgContent 37 literDimensions WxHxD: 48 x 38 x 22/29 cmLoading capacity: 10 kg per box Cutout case Xplorer 40 silver or blackWeight: 4.9 kgCapacity 40 litersDimensions WxHxD: 48 x 38 x 29 cmLoading capacity: 10 kg per suitcase- Amended retaining lock position (Cutout-sidecarrier is not suitable for normal Xplorer suitcase with Item No .: 610209/610208/610214/610213/610211/610210/610216/610215)

Alurack top case carrier black for combination with original rear rack for KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-)
The Alurack Top Case Carrier in deep black is the perfect expansion for your KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-) if you want to pair it with the matching Original Luggage Bridge. This carrier is like a loyal companion that supports you on all your adventures and adds a touch of sophistication. The Alurack Top Case Carrier blends functionality and style in a harmonious way, adding a new dimension to your rides. It's specifically designed to seamlessly merge with the Original Luggage Bridge of your KTM 1090 Adventure R (2017-), imparting an appealing touch to your motorcycle. Crafted from high-quality aluminum and a robust steel base carrier, the Alurack Top Case Carrier provides a reliable foundation for securely attaching luggage. The additional attachment points for luggage straps offer versatile options to securely store your gear and optimize your travels. The steel base ensures stability, while the aluminum carrier plate provides a lightweight alternative without sacrificing strength. Included in the package are the Alurack Top Case Carrier, the mounting kit, and a clear installation manual that makes the installation process effortless. The installation is straightforward and doesn't require additional adapters for top case attachment. The timeless black color of the carrier gives it a classic and versatile look that complements your KTM 1090 Adventure R's aesthetics perfectly. The functionality is similar to the proven Easyrack Top Case Carrier, although the top case attachment bar on the Alurack is stable and fixed. If you wish to use the Hepco&Becker Alu Standard Top Case 35, you only need a specific attachment bar (Item numbers: 700007350 or 700007351) to transport your gear stylishly. The Alurack Top Case Carrier doesn't require additional approval and can be used without any complications. The recommended load capacity of 5 kg allows you to transport the essentials securely. Please consider the model-specific instructions and the motorcycle manufacturer's recommendations for optimal results. This carrier is the ideal choice for transporting light to medium-weight luggage and adding a practical and stylish touch to your motorcycle. Experience your journeys with the Alurack Top Case Carrier, which combines adventure and convenience in one.