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C-Bow sidecarrier for Kawasaki Vulcan S (2015-)
Elevate your Kawasaki Vulcan S (2015-) to the perfect adventure companion with the C-Bow Side Carrier in sleek black. This sturdy side carrier was specially designed to accommodate Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases, adding an extra dose of style to your motorcycle. Thanks to its high-quality surface finish, this side carrier is not only functional but also seamlessly integrates with the overall look of your bike. Please note that regular Hepco&Becker hard-shell cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with this carrier. Likewise, Krauser K-Wing cases do not fit on the C-Bow carrier. For maximum safety and the ultimate riding experience, the recommended load is 5 kg per bag or case. Please follow the installation instructions, vehicle-specific guidelines, and the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer to avoid any potential limitations. The C-Bow Side Carrier can usually be combined without issues with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. Pay attention to the installation guide and vehicle-specific instructions for the respective carrier. Note that luggage rack extensions may restrict the attachment of bags to the carrier. The best part: The C-Bow Side Carrier does not require ABE certification or registration in your vehicle's papers. The package includes both the left and right carriers, a comprehensive installation guide, and the mounting kit. Designed for your bike's stock condition, this side carrier has not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or turn signals. Please ensure that the bags have sufficient distance from the exhaust when using accessories and that the turn signals have an adequate beam angle to avoid directing the exhaust towards the bags.