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G 310 R (2016-)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Engine protection bar black for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
Facts: protection during pushovers or fallshelps, when tying up the motorcyclevehicle specific design for perfect match and easy installationtough Tube-in-Tube constructionpremium high quality metal coating in black, anthracite, silver or white, or high gloss chrome plating: depends on bikecomplete set of right/left side incl. mounting material and manual

Front protection bar black for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
The black front guard for the BMW G 310 R (2016-) offers reliable protection. Particularly effective at low speeds, it ensures good defense against falls and accidents. It effectively protects not only turn signals, clutch and brake levers, exhaust mufflers, and bodywork parts but also other crucial components. The high-quality powder coating not only enhances its appearance but also guarantees durability. The mounting materials required for installation are included. We offer special conditions for driving schools. Please contact our representatives at Tel: 06331/1453-222 to learn more.

Rear protection bar for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
For selected motorcycle models from 125ccm to 650, frequemtly used in driving schools, we offer special HEPCO&BECKER guards for front and rear, which can be combined with out engine guards.provides protection in case of accidents and fallsturn signals, clutch and brake levers, mufflers, fairings, etc. efficitively protected, with limited pillion passangercomponents are available as spare partsreinforced tube-in-tube construction, plastic-coatedideal in combination handlebar protection, engine protection and rear protection bar

Additional bracket for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
For additional protection of the exhaust.

C-Bow sidecarrier for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
Enhance the versatility and style of your BMW G 310 R (2016-) with our C-Bow side carriers in sleek black. These robust side carriers have been specifically designed to securely transport our Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases. The high-quality surface finish not only bestows timeless elegance upon your motorcycle but also provides top-tier protection against environmental elements. These side carriers are tailor-made for use with our C-Bow bags and cases, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. Please note that standard Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with these side carriers. Similarly, Krauser K-Wing cases are not suitable for use with the C-Bow carrier. For optimal results, we recommend a maximum load capacity of 5 kg per bag or case, and please follow the assembly instructions, vehicle-specific guidelines, and the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer to avoid any limitations. In most cases, our C-Bow side carriers can be combined seamlessly with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. However, please pay attention to the assembly instructions and the vehicle-specific guidelines provided by the respective carrier, as luggage rack extensions may restrict the bag attachment to the carrier. Another advantage is that our luggage carriers do not require an ABE or registration in your motorcycle's documents. The package includes both the left and right side carriers, a comprehensive assembly manual, and the necessary mounting kit. Please be aware that these side carriers have been developed for use with the stock condition of your machine and have not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or other turn signals. Ensure that the bags have sufficient clearance from the exhaust and that the turn signals have an adequate beam angle to maintain safety while riding. The exhaust stream must not be directed towards the bags.

Minirack soft luggage rear rack for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
Enhance your BMW G 310 R (2016-) with added functionality using the Mini Rack Soft Luggage Rear Carrier in sleek black from Hepco&Becker. This exclusive solution adds a practical touch to your motorcycle. The Mini Rack allows you to individually attach soft luggage to the rear of your bike, while lateral slots provide the option to securely fasten backpacks or bags. Specifically designed for the BMW G 310 R (2016-), the Mini Rack seamlessly integrates with the design and character of your motorcycle. It combines functionality and aesthetics in an appealing manner. The high-quality powder coating shields against the elements and ensures the Mini Rack continues to look fantastic even after many rides. With a recommended load capacity of 3-5 kg, the Mini Rack offers you plenty of flexibility to securely transport your gear. Please consider the vehicle-specific guidelines, the included installation manual, and the manufacturer's recommendations to get the most out of your riding experience. Note that the Mini Rack is not suitable for top cases. No additional ABE or registration is necessary for the Mini Rack. This allows you to fully focus on your ride. The solid construction, manufactured in Germany, represents quality and precision. The Mini Rack Soft Luggage Rear Carrier is more than just an accessory – it's an invitation to personalize your motorcycle and make it even more versatile. Explore the roads with style and comfort – your next adventure begins here.

Tankring Lock-it incl. fastener for tankbag for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
The innovative Lock-it tank bag attachment - Fidlock patentedThis solid tank ring allows you to attach a tank bag from Hepco&Becker.The scope of delivery includes a Lock-it tank ring, as well as the counter holder, which can be individually screwed to the tank bag, depending on the shape of the tank and the steering angle.The tank cap can still be opened with the tank ring mounted without any problems.In general, all you need is this tank ring and a tank bag from H&B and you have everything you need.Each model-specific tank ring is stored in the "My Bike" database for the respective motorcycle model. If no tank ring is stored, you can also use the checklist here in the shop to manually select whether a universal tank ring is available for the desired model. (See Main Menu -> Tank Rings Lock-it)CHARACTERISTICS:Absolutely secure hold, even at high speedsmechanical/magnetic lockingEasy handlingThe tank bag is simply put on and, thanks to the magnets, locks itself with an audible clickUnlocking: The mechanism is unlocked by a lashing strap in the direction of travel at the front of the tank bag; the tank bag is simply removedSimple but effective mechanicsFidlock patentedShielded magnetic field, safe for credit cards and electronic devicesRecommended maximum speed with the tank bag installed: 130 km/h (Please note the motorcycle manufacturer's information, as well as the model-specific information on the instructions or here with the productRecommended load in the tank bag: approx. 3kgIn Germany, tank bag systems do not require an ABE or entry in the papers.Difference between Lock-it and BASIC tank rings:The general function and operation remains the same. Compared to the Lock-it tank ring, however, the Basic tank ring only locks mechanically. The magnets of the Lock-it tank ring help with centering. The difference lies purely in the two magnet or plastic domes, which are screwed onto the tank ring. The actual model-specific "metal ring" is the same for both versions.A notice:A tank bag with a Lock-it holder cannot be placed on a BASIC tank ring and vice versa. Tank bag holder and tank ring must be from the same system.

Alurack top case carrier black for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
The Hepco&Becker Alurack is especially designed for our top cases. As the successor to the luggage rack made of round tubing, the Alurack continues the tradition and is offered for later-generation motorcycles. This means you can attach nearly every Hepco&Becker top cases, wether aluminium or plastic and choose freely from the whole product line.Every Alurack is developed for the specific model and fits beautifully into the motorcycles overall look. Production from premium aluminium gives the Alurack great strengt and an elegant look. The Alurack design integrates additional luggage belt fastening points for attaching baggage rolls etc.recommended load: 5kg into the top case (please check manual and motorbike manufacturer for special info)Delivery: bike specific main frame, Alurack adapter, mounting kit, manualNo additional adapters needed for mounting a Hepco&Becker top caseAttention: Hepco&Becker top case with an universal plastic adapter plate do not fit. Only the normal Hepco&Becker top cases with a metal look on the bottomcan mostly be combined with C-Bow side carrier or normal hard lugagge side carrier: Please check manual or bike specific infoDifference to the Easyrack top case carrier: the bow which stands upwards for the top casemounting is rigidly fixed. Easyrack bow can be folded specific main frame is mostly the same at Alurack and EasyrackIf you want to mount Alu top case Standard 35, you need a special bow adapter: 700007351 or 700007350

Easyrack topcasecarrier black for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
The Easyrack Top Case Carrier in black is the perfect addition for owners of the BMW G 310 R (model year 2016 and later) who require additional storage space. This top case carrier is delivered as a complete package, consisting of a model-specific mounting kit and an Easyrack adapter plate. The adapter plate has been specially designed to securely attach Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage. Please note that this carrier is not suitable for top cases with a universal plastic plate. The Easyrack Top Case Carrier has been designed specifically to seamlessly integrate into the overall design of the motorcycle. It is constructed from high-quality aluminum combined with a sturdy steel base, ensuring not only high strength but also an elegant appearance. Additional attachment points are integrated into the carrier's design to facilitate securing luggage rolls or similar items. The carrier's construction consists of a solid steel base construction combined with an aluminum carrier plate. Included in the delivery are the model-specific Easyrack Top Case Carrier, a mounting kit, and an installation manual. No additional adapters for top case attachment are required, simplifying the installation process. The Easyrack Top Case Carrier functions similarly to the Alurack Top Case Carrier. The difference lies in the fact that the bracket for top case attachment on the Easyrack can be folded down when not in use, whereas the bracket on the Alurack remains fixed in an upright position. An additional general operating permit (ABE) or registration for the luggage carrier is not required. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg, and you should consider model-specific guidelines, the installation manual, and information provided by the motorcycle manufacturer. It is recommended to transport heavy luggage in the side cases or tank bag to ensure the motorcycle's stability. The recommended top speed for your motorcycle equipped with the Easyrack Top Case Carrier is 130 km/h (approximately 80 mph) to ensure safe riding. Please note that the Easyrack Top Case Carrier is specifically designed for the motorcycle's stock condition and has not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or other indicators.

Engine protection bar incl. ProtectionPad black for BMW G 310 R (2016-)
Facts: protection during pushovers or fallshelps, when tying up the motorcyclevehicle specific design for perfect match and easy installationtough Tube-in-Tube constructionpremium high quality metal coating in black, anthracite, silver or white, or high gloss chrome plating: depends on bikecomplete set of right/left side incl. mounting material and manual