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CB 500 F (2013-2015)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Front protection bar - anthracite for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Our anthracite-colored front protection bar is custom-made for the Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015). It ensures excellent protection at low speeds, effectively safeguarding crucial components such as indicators, clutch and brake levers, exhaust pipes, fairing parts, and more in the event of falls or accidents. The high-quality powder coating guarantees durability and an appealing aesthetic. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation. We offer special conditions for driving schools. Please contact our representatives to learn more about these offers. You can reach us at Tel: 06331/1453-222.

Engine protection bar anthracite for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
The anthracite-colored engine guard from Hepco&Becker for your Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015) is the perfect choice, whether you primarily ride in rough terrain, on the road, or in the city. Your motorcycle is always effectively protected against unexpected incidents. Especially in the event of a fall or unintended ground contact, this engine guard from Hepco&Becker protects your motorcycle and you as the rider from major damages. Additionally, its perfect contouring to your bike's lines gives your bike an individual character. Crafted from an extremely robust tube-in-tube construction, some models even come with an integrated crash pad. Various surface finishes are available depending on the vehicle model. Installation is straightforward thanks to the comprehensive and easy-to-understand manual. The package includes mounting material and instructions for both sides. Please refer to any restrictions or vehicle-specific instructions in the installation guide. The best part? No ABE or registration is required! And for official driving schools, we offer special conditions - just contact our customer service at Tel: (+49) 0 6331 / 1453 - 222.

C-Bow sidecarrier for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Do you want to add a touch of style and practicality to your Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)? Our anthracite C-Bow side carriers are the ideal choice. These robust carriers are specially designed to accommodate Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases. Their high-quality anthracite finish adds a touch of elegance to your motorcycle. Please note that regular Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible. Similarly, Krauser K-Wing cases do not fit the C-Bow carrier. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg per bag or case. Be sure to follow the installation instructions, vehicle-specific guidelines, and the manufacturer's recommendations for any potential restrictions. These side carriers can usually be combined without issues with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. However, please follow the installation instructions or vehicle-specific guidelines for each carrier. Luggage rack extensions may restrict the bag attachment to the carrier. The best part is that these carriers do not require an ABE or registration in your papers. The package includes the left and right carriers, an installation guide, and the mounting kit. Please be aware that these carriers were specifically designed for your bike's stock condition and have not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or turn signals. Ensure that the bags have sufficient clearance from the exhaust and that the turn signals maintain an adequate emission angle. The exhaust stream should not be directed toward the bags.

Center Stand for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
The black main stand for the Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015) is an essential accessory for your ride. Stability and robustness are crucial here. The HEPCO&BECKER main stands ensure just that. They are easy to operate, rarely limiting the bike's lean angle while riding, and offer extreme durability. Thanks to their sophisticated geometry and non-slip tread, it's effortless to securely park your motorcycle in any situation. These precisely crafted stands are highly stable, sandblasted, primed, and powder-coated in black, ensuring weather resistance and durability. Main stands not only ease maintenance tasks but also ensure stability, especially during refueling. During winter storage, they relieve pressure on suspension components and the rear wheel. The included ABE (General Operating Permit) ensures hassle-free approval. Typically, these stands hardly limit the bike's lean angle and provide a high-quality surface finish. The package includes the main stand, mounting material, and an instruction manual. Please refer to the attached assembly instructions. Additional tools for attaching the tension spring are also available, item number: 700030.

Sidecarrier Lock-it anthracite for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Outstanding fit - every HEPCO&BECKER Lock-it sidec carrier is precisely tuned to the particular type of motorcycle. This results in a very high precision on the motorcycle. Made of steel tube and custom-made laser parts, which are reinforced once more in highly stressed areas. The quality of Lock-it side carriers has already been confirmed several times in trade magazines.The carriers can be installed and removed within seconds. To do this you just have to loosen the lock-it screws with a quarter turn and you can remove the side parts backwards or sideways. As an anti-theft device you can optionally protect the carrier with our Lock-it screws against thefts (item number: 151050).All cases are closed by means of a quick release fastener on the carrier. For this you need the aluminum adapters (item number 700114) which are usually within delivery of the sidecases. The aluminum adapters are screwed to the rear right and left of the carrier and then offer an attachment option for the locks of the suitcase.For all Hepco & Becker side cases / hard cases / Aluminium boxessolid constructionFast detachable, remaining only unobtrusive small tabs on the motorcycleHigh quality surface finishsimple assembly, please refer to the enclosed mounting instructionsScope of delivery: right + left incl. Installation material and assembly instructionsPlease refer to the vehicle specific instructions or the assembly instructionsRecommended load: 10kg per side case

Kickstand enlargement for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Just fully packed, or on unstable ground, the motorcycle threatens to sink easily on the side stand.A precisely shaped milled spreading plate, which is quickly screwed to the side stand and freed from this dangeris now available! More than 100% larger surface area Safe stand of the machine on all surfaces Oxidation-proof black anodised

Rear protection bar anthracite for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Owning the Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015) and aiming for perfection? Our anthracite rear protection bar is your bike's ideal companion. It's not just a stylish addition but also your safety net during unexpected mishaps or low-speed incidents. These bars don't just safeguard indicators, levers, and exhaust; they also shield fairing parts and more. The premium powder coating offers not just durability but also a touch of elegance. And the cherry on top? The mounting hardware is included, making installation a breeze. For driving schools, we have tailored offers because we understand the significance of protection and safety in frequent usage. Simply chat with our experts to avail yourself of our special deals. Contact us at Tel: 06331/1453-222.

Easyrack topcasecarrier anthracite for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
The anthracite Easyrack top case carrier has been specifically developed for the Honda CB 500 F of the years 2013 to 2015. This practical top case carrier offers not only additional storage space but also a high-quality construction to meet riders' demands. The Easyrack is model-specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into the motorcycle's harmonious appearance. Crafted from high-quality aluminum in combination with a robust steel base carrier, the Easyrack combines high strength with an elegant look. Additional mounting points for luggage straps are integrated into the carrier's design to enhance flexibility in load securing. The package includes the model-specific top case carrier, the appropriate mounting kit, and a detailed installation manual. No additional adapters are required to securely attach Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage. The Easyrack functions nearly identically to the Alurack top case carrier, with the unique feature that the bracket for top case attachment can be folded when not in use, while the Alurack bracket remains fixed upwards. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg. Please consider the model-specific instructions in the installation manual and the manufacturer's recommendations for safe usage. The Easyrack has been developed for the machine's stock condition and has not been tested with accessories like exhaust systems, license plate holders, or turn signals. It's recommended to transport heavy luggage in the side cases or tank bag rather than the top case. The recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Alurack top case carrier anthracite/black for Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015)
Enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of your Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015) with our anthracite-black Alurack Topcaseträger. This top case carrier consists of a custom-made installation kit designed specifically for your motorcycle model and an aluminum adapter plate designed to accommodate Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage (not suitable for top cases with universal plastic plates). Each Alurack Topcaseträger is developed to be model-specific, seamlessly integrating into the harmonious overall appearance of your bike. Crafted from high-quality aluminum combined with a sturdy steel base carrier, the Alurack offers high strength and an extremely elegant look. Additional attachment points for luggage straps are integrated into the design of the carrier, allowing you to securely fasten items such as luggage rolls. The solid steel base construction and aluminum carrier plate ensure reliable stability. The package includes the model-specific Alurack Topcaseträger, the mounting kit, and a detailed installation manual. No additional adapters are required for top case mounting. The high-quality surface finish not only provides a premium appearance but also ensures durability. Technically, this top case carrier functions nearly identically to the Easyrack Topcaseträger, with the top case mount bar fixed upright and not foldable. The model-specific base carrier is the same for both Easyrack and Alurack. For mounting the Hepco&Becker Alu Standard Topcase 35, a special mount bar is needed instead of the standard Alurack bar (part numbers: 700007350 or 700007351). Please adhere to the recommended load capacity of 5 kg and consult the model-specific instructions in the installation manual and the information provided by the motorcycle manufacturer. Keep in mind that heavy loads should generally not be carried in the top case but rather in side panniers or a tank bag. The recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h. This product was developed for the stock configuration of your bike and has not been tested with aftermarket accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or other indicators.

Sportrack for Honda CB 500 F 2013-2015
The black Sportrack from Hepco&Becker offers the perfect solution for luggage attachment on sport bikes like the Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015). Hepco&Becker has crafted a tailored response to the widely recognized challenge of luggage attachment on these motorcycles. The Sportrack is anchored in the place of the pillion seat using the original mount and can be opened using the vehicle ignition key. This innovative design allows for comprehensive attachment possibilities for luggage straps, ensuring secure attachment of various luggage items. The installation of the Sportrack is simple and straightforward. The high-quality powder coating not only gives it an appealing appearance but also ensures weather resistance and durability. The Sportrack can be quickly removed, following the same principle as the pillion seat. With comprehensive attachment possibilities for luggage straps, the Sportrack provides a secure hold for a variety of luggage items. You can expand it for larger luggage rolls with an optional widening kit. The design of the Sportrack resembles a pillion seat cover and serves as an additional visual highlight. The secure luggage attachment directly behind the rider does not compromise the bike's handling and ensures undisturbed riding enjoyment. The black Sportrack is top case compatible, but only in combination with the Journey Topcases 30/40/50 in the universal version with a plastic plate. Please note that regular Hepco&Becker top cases with a metal locking mechanism on the top case bottom are not compatible. It can also be combined with tail bags featuring the Lock-it closure system, such as the Royster Lock-it tail bag. A General Operating Permit (ABE) or entry in the vehicle documents is not required. The included installation manual makes the setup process easier. Enjoy unrestricted riding pleasure and secure luggage attachment with the black Sportrack from Hepco&Becker on your Honda CB 500 F (2013-2015).