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GV 650 Sportcruiser (2012-)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

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C-Bow sidecarrier for Hyosung GV 650 i Aquilia (2006-2011)
The chrome C-Bow side carriers for the Hyosung GV 650 i Aquila (2006-2011) are sturdy luggage carriers specifically designed to attach Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases to your motorcycle. These carriers feature a high-quality surface finish. Please note that standard Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with these carriers. Likewise, Krauser K-Wing cases are not intended for use with the C-Bow carrier. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg per bag or case. It's important to follow the installation manual, model-specific guidelines, and the manufacturer's recommendations to consider any possible restrictions. In most cases, these carriers can be easily combined with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. However, please follow the installation manual or model-specific guidelines for each carrier. Luggage rack extensions may affect the attachment of the bags to the carrier. It's important to know that these carriers do not require a General Operating Permit (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis or ABE) or registration in the vehicle papers. The carriers are specifically designed for the stock condition of your machine. However, please note that they have not been tested with accessories such as exhausts, license plate holders, or other turn signals. Ensure that the bags have sufficient clearance from the exhaust, and that the turn signals have an adequate light emission angle. The exhaust stream should not be directed toward the bags.

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Topcase carrier tube-type chrome for Hyosung GV 650 i Aquilia (2006-2011)
Our proven chrome tube luggage rack top case carrier for the Hyosung GV 650 i Aquila (2006-2011) offers the highest quality and functionality. These luggage racks are specifically designed for most of our Hepco&Becker top cases. However, not only do our current top cases fit perfectly, but older models from Hepco&Becker can also be easily mounted. The basic construction remains unchanged. Please note that these luggage racks are not compatible with the Hepco&Becker Orbit top case and top cases with a universal plate. The carriers are model-specific and only fit the mentioned motorcycle, as described in the installation manual. Thanks to the use of high-quality German-made steel, Hepco&Becker luggage racks provide maximum strength and the highest level of safety. With a high-quality coating and proper care, the look remains preserved over the long term. If needed, soft luggage can also be securely fastened. The tube luggage rack offers various options for this purpose. If space is insufficient, the rack can be combined with the Hepco&Becker universal luggage rack extension. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg (please note the model-specific instructions for each carrier as well as the information provided by the motorcycle manufacturer). Heavy luggage should generally not be transported in the top case but in the side cases or in a tank bag. In most cases, these luggage racks can be easily combined with side case carriers or C-Bow mounts (please refer to the installation instructions). The package includes the necessary mounting materials and a comprehensive manual. Made in Germany – for the highest quality. The top case is slid onto the tube luggage rack and securely fastened with a metal retaining lock. Luggage racks generally do not require a general operating permit (ABE) or registration.

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Sissybar with rearrack chrome for Hyosung GV 650 i Aquilia (2006-2011)
Add a touch of elegance and practicality to your Hyosung GV 650 i Aquila (2006-2011) with the shiny HEPCO&BECKER Sissybar with luggage rack. This Sissybar not only allows for easy transport of small luggage but also provides a secure attachment for our Handbags or other wider luggage items with the optional aluminum luggage bridge extension (article number 800000). Please note that this Sissybar is not suitable for Top Cases. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg – always follow the attached installation instructions and the vehicle-specific information or manufacturer's guidelines. In most cases, this Sissybar can be easily combined with the corresponding C-Bow holders, leather bag holders, or luggage carriers. Pay attention to vehicle-specific details and restrictions outlined in the installation manual. The delivery includes not only the shiny Sissybar but also the complete mounting material and a detailed installation guide. And the best part: Luggage systems generally do not require ABE or registration, making the installation and use particularly straightforward.

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Sissybar without rearrack for Hyosung GV 650 i Aquilia (2006-2011)
Elevate the riding experience on your Hyosung GV 650 i Aquilia from 2006 to 2011 with the chrome-finished Sissybar without luggage carrier! The comfortable backrest ensures relaxed travel for your passenger while instilling a sense of security. The high-quality surface finish gives your motorcycle a stylish edge. Typically, it integrates seamlessly with specific C-Bow holders, leather bag holders, or luggage carriers (Please refer to the vehicle-specific details and installation instructions). And the best part: Luggage systems generally don't require ABE or registration!

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