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CB 125 F (2021-)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Engine protection bar black for Honda CB 125 F (2021-)
Whether you're riding off-road, on the highway, or through city streets, the black engine guard by Hepco&Becker for the Honda CB 125 F (2021-) is always a smart choice for your motorcycle. It provides reliable protection against unexpected incidents whenever you're on the go. More than just protection, these guards perfectly follow your machine's lines and give your motorcycle an individual character. Crafted from an extremely robust tube-in-tube construction, occasionally with an integrated crash pad in newer models, they offer comprehensive protection during accidents or unintended ground contact. The high-quality metal coating and solid MADE IN GERMANY construction at our facility in Pirmasens signify quality and reliability. The installation manual is comprehensive and easy to understand for a straightforward setup. Included in the package are all materials for mounting on both sides along with detailed instructions. Any specific considerations can be found in the installation manual or vehicle-specific notes. No ABE or registration required! We offer special conditions for official driving schools. For any inquiries, reach out to our customer service at Tel: (+49) 0 6331 / 1453 - 222.

Front protection bar black for Honda CB 125 F (2021-)
The black front guard for the Honda CB 125 F (2021-) ensures reliable protection. Specifically designed for low-speed instances, it offers excellent safeguarding against falls and accidents. It effectively shields turn signals, clutch and brake levers, exhaust mufflers, and various bodywork parts, providing efficient protection for multiple components. The high-quality powder coating not only enhances its appearance but also ensures durability. All necessary mounting materials are included for easy installation. We offer special conditions for driving schools. Please contact our representatives at Tel: 06331/1453-222 to learn more.

Easyrack topcasecarrier black for Honda CB 125 F (2021-)
The Easyrack Top Case Carrier in black offers owners of a Honda CB 125 F from the year 2021 onward a practical way to enhance their motorcycle with additional storage space. This high-quality carrier allows for easy attachment of top cases or soft luggage using a specially designed installation kit and an Easyrack adapter plate. Please note that this carrier is not suitable for top cases with a universal plastic plate. The Easyrack has been carefully designed to harmoniously integrate into the overall design of your motorcycle. It combines high-quality aluminum with a sturdy steel base carrier, ensuring not only durability but also an appealing visual aesthetic. Additional attachment points in the design enable secure attachment of luggage rolls or other accessories. The solid construction of steel and aluminum guarantees longevity and stability. The delivery includes the model-specific carrier, an installation kit, and a detailed installation manual. No additional adapters are required to securely attach Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage. The operation of the Easyrack is technically comparable to the Alurack top case carrier. The difference lies in the fact that the bracket for top case attachment on the Easyrack can be folded down when not in use, while the bracket of the Alurack remains in an upright position. The model-specific base carrier of the Easyrack is identical to that of the Alurack, allowing for uncomplicated installation. The luggage carrier is exempt from requiring an ABE or registration and thus complies with all relevant legal requirements. The recommended payload is 5 kg. Please be sure to observe the specific instructions in the installation manual as well as the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer to ensure safety. It is recommended to transport heavy luggage preferably in the side cases or the tank bag, so as not to compromise the stability and balance of the motorcycle. The recommended maximum speed is 130 km/h to ensure optimal performance and safety. The Easyrack top case carrier has been specifically designed for the original condition of your motorcycle. Please note that it has not been tested in conjunction with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders.

Alurack top case carrier black for Honda CB 125 F (2021-)
Do you want to add a practical touch of versatility to your Honda CB 125 F (model years 2021 and onwards)? Our black Alurack top case carrier from Hepco&Becker is the ideal solution. This set includes a model-specific mounting kit and an Alurack adapter plate, specially designed to accommodate Hepco&Becker top cases or soft luggage (not compatible with top cases with universal plastic plates). Each Alurack top case carrier is designed specifically to seamlessly integrate into the design of your Honda CB 125 F. Constructed from high-quality aluminum combined with a steel base carrier, the Alurack offers both high strength and a modern look. Additional attachment points for luggage straps are integrated into the carrier's design to allow secure attachment of luggage rolls or other items. The solid base construction is made of steel, while the aluminum carrier plate ensures stability. Included in the package is the model-specific Alurack top case carrier, the mounting kit, and a detailed manual. No additional adapters for top case mounting are required. The black design of the Alurack harmoniously blends into the appearance of your Honda CB 125 F. From a technical perspective, it functions similarly to the Easyrack top case carrier, with the top case mounting bracket fixed in an upward position and unable to be folded down. The model-specific base carrier is the same for both the Easyrack and Alurack. For the mounting of the Hepco&Becker Alu Standard Top Case 35, a special bracket is required, which is used instead of the regular Alurack bracket (part numbers: 700007350 or 700007351). The luggage carrier doesn't require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg (please observe model-specific instructions, the installation guide, and the motorcycle manufacturer's specifications). It's advisable not to transport heavy items in the top case but rather in the side cases or tank bag. The recommended maximum speed for the Alurack top case carrier is 130 km/h. Please note that the carrier is designed for the motorcycle's stock condition and hasn't been tested with accessories such as exhausts, license plate holders, or other turn signals.

Minirack soft luggage rear rack for Honda CB 125 F (2021-)
The Minirack Soft Luggage Rear Carrier in Black has been specifically designed for the Honda CB 125 F model from 2021 onwards. This Minirack rear carrier by Hepco&Becker offers a sleek, lightweight, and inconspicuous solution for securely transporting soft luggage on your motorcycle. The Minirack allows you to individually attach soft luggage to the rear of your bike. The recommended load capacity for this Minirack rear carrier is between 3 and 5 kg. Please observe the vehicle-specific instructions in the installation manual and adhere to the guidelines provided by the motorcycle manufacturer to ensure the safety and stability of your motorcycle during transportation. It's important to note that this Minirack rear carrier is not suitable for mounting top cases. However, its design allows for secure attachment of soft luggage. Installing this Minirack rear carrier does not require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration. It is coated with high-quality powder coating to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. This Minirack rear carrier has been solidly manufactured in Germany and provides a reliable solution for securely transporting soft luggage on your Honda CB 125 F.

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