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F 650 GS / G 650 GS (2004-2007)

Here you can find model-specific accessories for your bike. Matching luggage or other accessories are listed with the respective carriers and parts.

Headlight grill for BMW F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-2007)
Our black headlight guard for the BMW F 650 GS (2004-2007) and G 650 GS (2004-2007) not only provides excellent protection for your headlight but also gives your motorcycle a rugged and adventurous look. This headlight guard has been specifically designed for the BMW F 650 GS models from 2004 to 2007 and G 650 GS models from 2004 to 2007, and it fits your bike perfectly. The headlight guard protects the headlight from stone impacts, dirt, insects, and other external elements that may occur during your rides. At the same time, it adds a distinctive and individual style to your BMW F 650 GS or G 650 GS that perfectly complements its character. Installation is easy and straightforward, as the headlight guard attaches to the existing mounting points on your motorcycle. It is made from high-quality steel and features a durable black coating that protects against corrosion and ensures a long-lasting lifespan. Please note that this headlight guard is supplied without TÜV approval. Make sure to adhere to the applicable local regulations and laws when using it.

Engine protection bar silver for BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2000-2003)/F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-)
With Hepco&Becker's silver engine guard designed for the BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2000-2003)/F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-), you're well-equipped for any terrain, whether off-road, on country roads, or in the city. This crash bar provides effective protection against unexpected incidents for your motorcycle at all times. Not just during falls, but also when securely strapping down your motorcycle, this protective bar plays a crucial role. The high-quality metal coating and robust construction, made MADE IN GERMANY in our Pirmasens facility, ensure reliable performance and effectively safeguard your bike. Hepco&Becker's engine guard perfectly follows your machine's lines, giving it an individualistic character. Crafted from an extremely sturdy tube-in-tube construction, some newer models even feature integrated crash pads. Mounting this guard is straightforward, thanks to the comprehensive and user-friendly installation manual included for both sides – right and left. Specific instructions for your vehicle can be found in the provided guidelines or installation manual. The best part? No need for ABE or registrations! Additionally, we offer special conditions for official driving schools. For any inquiries, our customer service is available at Tel: (+49) 0 6331 / 1453 - 222.

Modelspecific rear enlargement for BMW F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-2007)
high quality german aluminium productionpremium lookfastening options for luggage strapseasy assemblymodel specific version (Universal version also available part no: 610053)dimensions: approx: 390x230 mm or see picture with measurements if availableThe silver luggage rack extension is specifically designed for your BMW F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-2007). With this extension, you can widen the luggage rack of your motorcycle, enabling you to securely and stably fasten larger luggage items such as duffel bags, travel bags, or other luggage. The luggage rack extension is made from high-quality and robust aluminum, ensuring reliable stability when carrying luggage. The silver appearance gives the extension an appealing and understated look. The extension is precisely tailored to fit the shape of the luggage rack on your BMW F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-2007), allowing for easy and secure installation. It comes with mounting material and a user-friendly manual to facilitate straightforward installation. Please pay attention to the model-specific instructions and the manufacturer's specified load limits to ensure the safety and functionality of your motorcycle. Heavy luggage should generally not be carried on the luggage rack but in the side cases or tank bag.

Topcase carrier tube-type silver for BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2004-2007)/F 650 GS/G 650 GS (2004-)
The proven tube luggage rack top case carrier from Hepco&Becker is specifically designed for the BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2004-2007), F 650 GS, and G 650 GS (2004-) and provides a high-quality and secure mounting solution for Hepco&Becker top cases. These luggage racks are not only compatible with current top cases but can also accommodate older Hepco&Becker models since the basic attachment has not changed. Please note that these luggage racks are not suitable for Hepco&Becker Orbit top cases or top cases with a universal plate. The carriers are specially tailored to the respective motorcycle models and ensure maximum strength and safety thanks to their construction from high-quality German steel. The luggage racks are carefully coated and will retain their appearance in the long term with proper maintenance. If needed, you can easily secure soft luggage on the tube luggage rack, as it offers versatile attachment options. If space is insufficient, you can combine the rack with the Hepco&Becker universal luggage rack extension. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg. Please observe the model-specific instructions for the respective carrier and the manufacturer's specifications. Heavy items should generally not be transported in the top case but in the side cases or a tank bag. In most cases, these luggage racks can be combined with side case carriers or C-Bow holders without any issues. Please refer to the corresponding installation instructions. The package includes the luggage rack, the necessary mounting material, and an instruction manual. These luggage carriers are MADE IN GERMANY and generally do not require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration in the vehicle documents. The top case is slid onto the tube luggage rack and securely locked in place with a metal locking mechanism.

Sidecarrier permanent mounted silver for BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2004-2007)/F 650 GS/G 650 GS (single cylinder)
The solidly mounted side case carriers from Hepco&Becker are a robust and reliable solution for your BMW F 650 GS Dakar (2004-2007), F 650 GS, or G 650 GS motorcycle. These carriers are securely bolted to the motorcycle frame and provide a safe mounting option for almost all Hepco&Becker touring side case systems. The cases are securely attached to the carriers using a metal locking mechanism. An additional lock adapter is required, which is usually included with the side cases. This lock adapter is bolted to the carrier on the rear right and left sides and provides the attachment for the case locking mechanism. The model-specific carriers are solidly constructed and provide effective protection for the legs of the rider or passenger in case of an accident. These side case carriers can usually be combined with Hepco&Becker rear carriers without any problems. Please refer to the installation instructions and model-specific notes. The carriers are made of high-quality steel tubing and are MADE IN GERMANY. They are securely bolted to the motorcycle frame and have a high-quality surface finish. The side case carriers are suitable for most Hepco&Becker hard shell side cases (please note model-specific instructions for any limitations). In most cases, the turn signals remain in their original position, although they may need to be repositioned occasionally to ensure a certain beam angle (please refer to the product's installation instructions). The package includes both the right and left carriers, as well as the necessary mounting materials and instructions. Luggage systems generally do not require a General Operating Permit (ABE) or registration in the vehicle documents. The tube diameter is 16 mm.

C-Bow sidecarrier for BMW G 650 GS (2011-2016)/Sertao (2012-2016)/F 650 GS/Dakar (-2007)
These high-quality matte black C-Bow side carriers have been specifically designed for the BMW G 650 GS (model years 2011-2016), G 650 GS Sertao (model years 2012-2016), as well as the F 650 GS and F 650 GS Dakar (up to 2007). These carriers are solidly constructed and allow for the attachment of Hepco&Becker C-Bow side bags and cases. These carriers are characterized by their premium surface finish. It is important to note that conventional Hepco&Becker hard cases like the Junior or Journey are not compatible with this carrier. Similarly, Krauser K-Wing cases are not suitable for mounting on this C-Bow carrier. The recommended load capacity is 5 kg per bag or case. Please follow the installation instructions, consider model-specific guidelines, and check the manufacturer's specifications for any restrictions. In most cases, these carriers can be easily combined with top case carriers, sissy bars, or solo racks. Follow the installation instructions or model-specific guidelines for the respective carrier. However, be aware that luggage rack extensions can affect the attachment of bags to the carrier. This luggage carrier does not require a General Operating Permit (ABE), and it does not need to be registered in the vehicle documents. Please be aware that this carrier was specifically designed for the stock condition of the motorcycle and has not been tested with accessories such as exhaust systems, license plate holders, or other turn signals. Ensure that the bags always have an adequate distance from the exhaust, and the turn signals maintain an adequate beam angle. The exhaust stream must not be directed at the bags.

Center Stand for BMW F 650 GS (2001-2007)
A black main stand for the BMW F 650 GS (2001-2007) – steadfastness, stability, and easy handling all in one. HEPCO&BECKER's main stands typically do not compromise lean angles and are extremely robust. Thanks to their thoughtful geometry and a non-slip surface, parking the motorcycle securely is effortless in any situation. These precisely crafted stands are highly stable, sandblasted, primed, and black powder-coated, making them weather-resistant and durable. Main stands simplify maintenance tasks and provide a stable support, especially during refueling. In winter, they also relieve strain on spring elements and the rear wheel. Included is an ABE (General Operating Permit), usually not limiting the lean angle. The high-quality surface finish emphasizes the quality of this accessory. You'll receive the main stand, mounting materials, and instructions. Please refer to the provided installation guide for optimal setup. Please take note of the attached assembly instructions for optimal installation. A helpful tool (item number: 700030) for attaching the tension spring is also available.