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For all Hepco & Becker side cases.
Need a luggage system?  Holiday time, out with the cases.  The most spacious and secure examples are worthless without a well designed fitting system.  To allow both components to harmonize perfectly, Hepco & Becker developed a flexible system which offers you all variants of attachment and mounted parts.  Attractive carriers are chrome plated or powder coated in silver or black.  They are developed specially for your model.  They are easy to fasten and fit perfectly.
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(chrome-plated tubular design) for all H&B leather bags
• Bags and carriers from a single source;
   Bespoke design for each bike
• Elegant design,
   adapted to suit the motorbike's lines
• Manufactured to precise tolerances,
   easy assembly
• Ground quality German  
   steel tubing
• Premium high-gloss chrome plating
• Ideal when combined with Sissybar or
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New technically and optically perfect mount for saddlebags.  the saddlebags are simply placed on top locking in the from of an easily accessible cylinder lock.  High-quality polished and chromium-plated C-bow mount.  Model-specific add-on parts and easy to mount.  Suitable for for use with Hepco & Becker special C-bow bags.
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Rear Rack - The racks are specially designed for your type of bike and are easy to assemble.  Racks are chrome plated or have a black or silver  powder coating, are well intergrated in the motorcycle.  Suitable for Hepco & Becker top cases.
Rear Alurack - Aluminium construction.  High stability, high-quality design.  Intergrated cover. Covers the fastening points.  many fastening possibilities for luggage straps.  Suitable for Hepco & Becker top cases.
Easy Rack -  Bikers who don‘t always take their top-box with them on journeys are sometimes bothered by the upwardpointing bracket left behind when the luggage compartment is not attached. Hepco & Becker, specialists in motorcycle luggage solutions, have now created a solution with a simple but ingenious trick: the bracket can be folded away. As it is needed only for mounting the top-box, the bracket can be hidden away when not in use by simply folding it into the Easyrack, thus preventing it from detracting from the bike‘s dynamic look.
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Universal parts also available


The luggage solution for supersport bikes
• The Sport Rack is used instead of the
   passenger seat and is secured using
   the motorbike's seat lock.  
• uses the retainers on the passenger
   seat and can be removed
   just as quickly
• Made of black anodized aluminium
• With enlargement to accommodate
   large luggage rolls
• Suitable for mounting top cases
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Universal or special enlargments.  Aluminium construction.  High stability, high-quality design.  Many fastening possibilities for luggage  straps.
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Universal parts also available

• Universal enlargement plate to fit all Hepco & Becker rear racks (Black)   More Info
• Universal enlargement plate to fit all Hepco & Becker rear racks (Silver)   More Info

All Hepco & Becker Soloracks and Sissybars are chrome plated and designed to complement your motorcycle.  A high quality product that is fast and easy to fit to your motorcycle. ( Please note that topcases cannot be mounted to these racks )
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Better still follow the shape of the bike and enhance its look.  Hepco & Becker Protection bars:  They may protect the bike and driver from greater damage.  They are stable tube construction, sometimes tube-in-tube construction, black or silver powder coated or chrome plated, fast and easy to fasten on your bike.
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Protection of engine and frame when going over obstacles and also keep the dirt away.  Light and fit perfectly.  Made of aluminium these plates come complete with all fixing screws and assembly  instructions.  Normally no modifacation of the bike is neccessary.
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• Provides effective protection
   against damage to the bike
   in the area around the CrashPad
• Highly abrasion-resistant plastic
    with a measurable braking effect
• Shock-absorbing polymer
   element absorbs energy
• Available in various colours
• Pads available individually
   as spare parts
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The chrome plated rails for the front fender, called "Fender Guard" underline the personal touch of your bike whilst protecting against minor bumps.
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Headlight grilles offer effective protection and are adapted to the design of the motorcycle,  These are recommendable on all journeys.  Fast and easy installation.
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Centre Stands from Hepco & Becker. Steady. Stable. Simple to operate.  Finished to a perfect fit and easy to install.  The centre stands from Hepco & Becker.  Thanks to a well thought-out geometry and non-slip tread, it is very easy to place the motorcycle safely on its stand in all situations: for chain maintenance , for fuel filling, for baggage transport or winter storage.  All centre stands are very robust, sandblasted and powder coated and therefore have a long service life.  Complete with general certification and special steel springs.
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Chrome plated, with 2 x 55 Watt power bulbs complet your bike.  Not only a visual accessory but also for your safety.  Needless to say, TUV-approved (German Technical Inspectorate) and with design certification.  If original windscreens are mounted, please ask for mor information.
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Additional powerful lights for safety- "See and be seen"  Adapted to the design of the motorcycle will greatly enhance vision in every weather condition.  Easy installation, complete set including relay and wiring and "E" approved when used as fog lamps.
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Universal parts also available

• Ion Blue Driving Light Kit. Universal fitting ( made to clamp on to engine / tank protection bars )  More Info